Clever Content Creation: BOOST your blog readership & work SUSTAINABLY

Whether you’re a content strategist, small business owner, butcher, baker or candlestick maker – the chances you’re creating content to market your business is pretty good. PS: If you’re not doing so yet – you should start!

You are probably used to creating different content formats — from video and infographics to social content, interactive content, and others. Both short-form and long-form content have their place in a successful content marketing strategy, and both can be very powerful tools in your marketing toolbox. 

But, are you working smart when it comes to creating content? 

Why reinvent the wheel when you can essentially ‘replicate’ one golden piece of long-form content into ten forms of content to be shared across an array of digital platforms. Think of it as the ‘Three Rs of Content Creation Sustainability’ for your business: Replicate, Reuse, and Recycle (plus, perhaps ‘reduce’ stress?).

What is long-form content and how does it differ from short-form content?

Long-form content can include pieces such as articles, reports, longer videos, e-books, podcast episodes etc, and can be seen as an entire cake, with short-form pieces being but a bite thereof to give your audience a taste, so that they’ll want more of this specific cake!

The blog that you’re reading right now is a piece of long-form content, and here’s how we’ll promote it by creating 10 short-form content pieces to drive awareness and fill up our content calendar ahead of time.

Ready to boost your blog traffic? Here are 10 ways you can do so:

1. Emailer

A blog or article acts as a focusing factor for a newsworthy emailer to your direct audience. It’s also wise to break away from sending only ‘sales-y’ mailers to offer valuable content to your subscribers.

2. Social Media Posts

Whether a static post or carousel, or both — a blog is a great piece of content to create several feed posts on social media. Start with a ‘blog announcement’ post to take users directly to your website and follow up with a carousel post where more information is divulged.

3. Video

Whether it’s a Reel for Instagram or Facebook, a TikTok video, or a teaser for YouTube — there are several ways to create short and catchy videos from written content. Depending on your brand, you can present the content of the article yourself, or create an animation video on Canva. Either way, it’s sure to be a hit! 

4. Interactive story

Meta stories are more important now than ever before! This is where your social-media-going warm audience will see your content piece on your blog. And you can make it a bit more fun as well as valuable by adding an interactive sticker to hear what your audience thinks.

5. Social media ad

A Meta ad is a sure-fire way to get intentional traffic within your target audience to your website. Plus, this creates brand awareness,  and turns a cold audience into a warmer one for future retargeting.

6. Free resource

If your blog has a ‘checklist’ or ‘tips’ — much like this one — you can effortlessly create a free resource as a lead magnet in PDF form. This can be used to build your email list with individuals that are truly interested in what you have to say, as well as what you have to offer.

7. Podcast

Whether you’re a podcast host or a guest, a blog is a top point of discussion, plus adding it to the show notes will not only offer credibility to your brand, but a place for listeners to learn more about what they’ve just heard.

8. LinkedIn or Medium article

Creating an article from an existing blog? Yes, it can be done! Platforms such as LinkedIn and Medium are geared towards a certain target audience, so you can shorten and tailor your blog for that platform, and post it there as an ‘article’. 

9. Infographic or image

Not only will adding visual aids increase your brand recognition and credibility, but it can be used on multiple platforms (think Facebook cover photo or LinkedIn PDF).

10. Pinterest Post

Last but surely not least… don’t underestimate Pinterest. Still very much popular across three generations, this inspirational and aspirational platform is a key way of marketing your blog to your audience (especially if they’re across the pond in the UK or USA).

We hope this list of tips to work smart and sustainable by replicating, reusing, and recycling your content will help your workflow, time management, cross-platform-interaction, as well as boost your blog (or other long-form content) visits and views!

PS: All 10 points might not be applicable to your specific brand. However – do what’s most relevant, be creative and innovative, see what works best, then do more of it!

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