What we do

At Pretty Social, our story began with a love affair – a passion for social media marketing.

We are a boutique digital marketing agency located in the stunning Cape Winelands. Our small but dedicated team takes a friendly, hands-on approach to solving your digital marketing challenges.

At Pretty Social, we are motivated by our WHY, which is to help businesses tell their unique stories in a way that resonates with their target audience.

We believe that marketing shouldn’t be intimidating, so we go the extra mile to simplify processes and save you valuable time. Let us help you tell your brand story in a way that sets you apart from your competition.

Meet the founder & CEO

Anina Heyns

A dreamer and a do-er, she dreams big for her own business and equally big for those of her clients. She values relationships, collaboration and teamwork above all else, priding herself on her excellent listening skills and being a trusted sounding board for clients and team members alike.

Her gentle, caring ‘momma bear’ demeanour means that she has a real knack for understanding clients’ needs and translating their challenges into highly successful marketing campaigns. Perhaps it’s her background in hospitality management, but good customer service is a non-negotiable for her.


Our team

The magic of partnering with Pretty Social lies in working with a passionate, close-knit team of professionals that relishes working together to reach business goals and achieve knockout results.

Additionally, we know it takes a village – that’s why we collaborate with preferred partners when it comes to specialised skills. Get to know the wonderful people behind the work.

Cilene Swanepoel

Paid ads specialist & account manager

Natasha August

Marketing coordinator & content creator

Ilse-belle (Belle) Louw

Website developer & content manager

Chantal Goldie

Admin & Accounts

Why choose us?

As much as we would all love 28 hours in a day, two brains and four hands to get everything done, marketing and social media are often the things that get left behind. Here are some good benefits to outsourcing this very important part of building your business, so that you can spend all the working hours on doing what you love!

Gain new


You might get so used to doing things the same way that your marketing becomes stale


up to date

Marketing is constantly evolving, but working with experts means that you don’t need to spend your time researching the latest trends to engage your audience.



Outsourcing to a marketing company means improving your long-term ROI with effective messaging consistently delivered to a targeted audience.



You’ll still have complete access to all of your data and learnings – there are no hidden fees.

Focus on what

really matters

Your staff will benefit from the experience our marketing team brings to the table, such as familiarity with your target market and the many marketing channels and opportunities available.

Consistency and


Your marketing won’t stall, constantly change, or lose momentum



You save on all of the time it takes to find the right person to manage your brand or to attempt to learn about digital marketing yourself.