Social Media Management


Managing different social media channels can be very time-consuming. Are you new to social media and don’t know where to start? Are you new to one channel that we’ve suggested you add to your strategy? Then you need us to manage it for you.


Boasting over 2 billion users worldwide and connecting 30% of the South African population, the power of Facebook is unmistakable.
Facebook is a great tool to grow your following, share news, photos and videos, run events, competitions and surveys and much, much more.


With 500 million users - 59% of whom check the app daily – Instagram is more than just pretty pictures. Instagram works well as a brand building tool once you have a good number of followers and provided you share standout images or videos.


Ideal for female audiences and for promoting products pertaining to home décor, fashion, art, food, weddings or anything that excels through beautiful imagery.
With the Pinterest buy button, customers can make a purchase right there on the platform.


The second largest platform in South Africa, Twitter is fast-paced and bite-sized, making it ideal for enticing, value-adding content.
We use Twitter for announcements to drive traffic to your website.


The leading video-sharing platform in the world and owned by Google, which means if you share brand videos you have a good chance of appearing on searches.

Google +

Google’s own social network, it automatically creates profiles for businesses with websites so it’s all-important to develop your listing to ensure it looks its best.

Managing your channels is the heartbeat of any social media strategy. Before you can start conversations with your potential customers and before they will likely engage and share your content, you need to grab their attention and win their trust. Building trust takes time, effort and dedication, and that’s where we come in. You want people to talk about you. It must be content people want to share. Give them content to SHOW OFF!

We will do the following on a daily basis:

  • Manage your accounts
  • Publish content
  • Stimulate engagement
  • Build trust
  • Help build your brand

It’s intensive, fast-paced, exhilarating and very important all at once – but it works! We will quote according to the amount of channels you want us to manage.

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