Our Team

Our Team

The magic of partnering with Pretty Social lies in working with a passionate, close-knit team of professionals that relishes working together to achieve knockout results.

Get to know the wonderful people behind your campaigns.

Anina Heyns

Founder & marketing strategist

We call Anina the ‘Boss Lady’ but she is anything but bossy. She is that rare breed of marketing professional who takes a deep interest in each client’s business and genuinely wants what’s best for each venture. A dreamer and a do-er, she dreams big for her own business and equally big for those of her clients. She values relationships, collaboration and teamwork above all else, priding herself on her excellent listening skills and being a trusted sounding board for clients and team members alike. Her gentle, caring ‘momma bear’ demeanour means that she has a real knack for understanding clients’ needs and translating their challenges into highly successful marketing campaigns. Perhaps it’s her background in hospitality management but good customer service is a non-negotiable for her.

Anina helicopter-moms the entire business, keeping a close eye on all marketing activities while coming up with creative ideas to grow the business and propel her clients forward. She is a voracious reader and podcast-listener - always staying abreast of the latest developments in the ever-changing digital and social media landscapes. A regular workshop host and speaker, she believes in paying it forward, upskilling and empowering her clients and fellow marketing professionals with her wide skill set and industry knowledge.

Anina loves going camping or hanging out at home with husband Elmo, busy 7-year-old Alexis and new baby girl Lily, juggling all the things that come with being a mom, wife and business owner and making memories - ‘cause that’s what life is all about.

Melissa Valentine

Digital account manager

Melissa is the sort of colleague who will always have your back, and who will sense what you need before you can say “more coffee”. She deftly deals with the running of the office, social media management and planning as well as some design work, whilst always making the time to patiently answer any client queries. It makes sense that she studied to be a stage manager - each day is a carefully constructed production where every detail is considered and every aspect comes together in perfect harmony.

Melissa loves a working environment of mutual respect, shared trust, open communication and positives attitudes - which she finds at Pretty Social in bucketloads. She believes that every person’s process and individuality should be respected as long as they get to the desired end result.

A self-confessed ‘plant, animal and bug hunter’, this fun-loving tree hugger and dog rescuer enjoys ‘food consuming’ and reading - especially anything to do with all things creepy, weird, strange and gory (yep, that’s code for autopsy reports).

Ilse-Belle Louw

Marketing strategist & content manager

Belle (as everyone call her) is that person you want with you if your plane crashes on a deserted island. The one who will very quickly get people organised according to skill, make lists of what is needed to build a shelter and have dinner ready by nightfall. She has proven herself to be an invaluable problem-solver, endlessly meticulous and resourceful. It’s no wonder she’s our go-to girl and IT guru. “Do it well or don’t do it at all” is her motto, keeping everyone on their toes whether it’s being a stickler for good grammar or doing extensive research on any technical issue we might face.

Ice cool under pressure (a trait from her former life as a flight attendant), Belle specialises in social media strategy, content creation and advertising. Whenever pressure mounts, a quick cuddle with office cat Marley calms everyone down. A talented photographer and qualified graphic designer, she handles all our in-house shoots while adeptly juggling many social media accounts and creative requirements.

In her spare time, she’s always somewhat irresponsibly entering for cycle and adventure races…only to realise that she actually has to train for these races. When she’s not hanging out with husband Izak and Dubai-born cat children, Charlie and Jaime, she enjoys outdoor adventures of any kind. She has this thing about the skies, hoping to finish her private pilot’s license very soon. So again, if you land on that island, she’s probably your best bet for getting out of there.

Johannie van As

Copywriter & creative strategist

Johannie is our trusted creative consultant and copywriter who excels at bringing brand stories to life through words and ideas. Before starting her freelance business, she worked as a senior copywriter and creative director in various SA and UK advertising agencies, across every type of media imaginable. In her 16+ years in the industry, she has produced work for clients in retail, FMCG, automotive, financial services and tech industries, and has a special knack for creating a unique brand voice and telling stories online. Besides her vast experience, it also helps that she is a really fast thinker, easy to work with and can be relied upon to go the extra mile for our clients.

Johannie is equally adept at engaging with CEOs of large blue chip companies or small start-ups who are fresh to marketing. She helps us put a fresh spin on existing marketing collateral or to create a brand voice from scratch.

She never sits still – who else do you know who is in a poker, book and craft club? She loves entertaining (and being entertained), making things, and dancing in her kitchen. When she’s not at home with the family (including 2 human and 2 cat kids), she devotes her time running the Cape Town chapter of SheSays – the global creative network for women.