Our Process


Online marketing is both a science and an art – consisting of many layers of research and brand engagement to ensure great results.
Here is our typical 5-step process.


Why a consultation?

We love to meet with new clients face to face in order to learn more about your business,
to see what online marketing activities you are currently doing and how we can help you improve.




Once we’ve researched your online activities and met with you, we will provide a detailed proposal and quotation for the marketing activities we suggest.
This will help you to prioritise which services you’d like to start with and how this fits with your monthly budget.

Service Agreement

With new clients, we work on a minimum of 3 calendar months (excluding your set-up month).
A service agreement will be signed stipulating the services we will provide on a monthly basis. Extra services may of course be added during these months.
No marketing activities will carry over to the next month due to, for example, the client not providing information or images timeously.


For new websites, we require a 50% deposit before we commence with any work.
The final amount is payable before the website is made live.

All other invoices are payable in full and upfront before the 7th of each month. Any additional work will be added to the next month’s invoice
(should it still fall in the Service Agreement time frame).


During the first month we will attend to the following:

  • New website design and development (should you not have a website yet). Please note: this process may take 4 – 8 weeks
  • Make the necessary changes to your current website in order to set it up for maximum lead generation
  • Set up your social media channels if required
  • Install your Facebook pixel on your website
  • Set up or access your Google Analytics
  • Set up your Facebook advertising account or gain access to your current advertising account
  • Plan your social media strategy and ad campaigns.
  • Gather all necessary information, logos, high res images, etc
  • Design social media templates


Social media management commences. Posts will be planned ahead and sent for your approval.
Ad campaigns will be planned, set up and sent for your approval.
Other marketing activities will be launched.


We will work with you to keep the momentum going and your content fresh.

Monthly meetings

Should you spend R 5 000+ with us per month, we will include 1 x hour planning/strategising meeting per month.
Additional time spent in meetings will be charged at R 650 p/h.
Should you spend less than R 5 000 with us per month, meetings will be charged at R 650 per hour.


We will provide you with a monthly report on social media management, Facebook and/or Instagram advertising (including website stats) and email marketing.
Reports will be sent out within the first week of the next month.

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