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Are you struggling to gain more followers on your Instagram account? One needs to be goal-oriented, authentic, constant and use every tool at your disposal to grow your account.

Here are 16 ways that can help you grow your Instagram account:


  1. Create a clear Instagram Strategy:
  • Research your competitors – Look at type of content they use. The frequency of posts. How they engage with their audience. Key industry hashtags.
  • Decide what story you are going to tell and tell it consistently – What does your brand look like. Make sure that your posts are relatable and recognizable
  • Set Goals – Know what you are aiming for. Target the right followers for your niche. Create great and visually compelling content.
  • Study your competition, see how they engage, what hashtags they use and what are they posting. See how they engage with their audience and what content is generating the best response.
  • Always stay one step ahead of your opponents.


  1. Craft a great bio and profile:
  • A well-crafted profile is an important key to increase your followers
  • Name – Up to 30 characters and include a keyword
  • Username – Consistent with your username on other social media platforms
  • Website – Clickable link
  • Bio – 150 Characters. Inform people why they should follow you and convey your brand identity.


  1. Choose an Instagram Aesthetic:
  • Your look is everything
  • Adopt a general brand aesthetic – stick to it. This can help attract the right audience for your brand. It helps create an engaging community
  • Find what works for you and what looks appealing
  • Apps you can use are – Mextures or VSCO
  • Consistency is key
  • Only use 1 or 2 filters – apply them to every photo. Limited filters can help create a niche for your account. Can also aid in building brand recognition
  • Your posts need to be cohesive with one another – style, colour selection and filters


  1. Be picky with your content:
  • Don’t just post anything to your profile – always have a visual and consistent approach.
  • If photos that don’t suit your brand values – post them on your private account.


  1. Post consistently and at the right time:
  • Plan & create your content ahead of time
  • Use a scheduling tool like later.com to schedule your content
  • Scheduling your content for optimal engagement – Determine the best time to post by looking at your insights. This will be a trial and error process


  1. Use compelling captions:
  • Your caption plays a big role in increasing engagement.
  • Place the most important word up front.
  • Ask a question – This encourages your audience to leave a comment and so your account will become more visible to other people.
  • Try Emoji – Emoji can help draw reader’s attention.
  • Try different caption lengths: Test if in depth storytelling or ultra-short captions work better.


  1. Tag appropriately:
  • This will increase your potential audience.
  • Tag Users – Tag users that feature in your photos. Tagging someone encourages them to engage. Encourage the followers to tag their friends.
  • Tag your location


  1. Have a solid Hashtag Strategy
  • Use the right hashtags – help you expose your brand to large and targeted audiences
  • Establish which hashtags your audience uses most actively – after that search for posts that use those hashtags.
  • Search for hashtags that have an active and involved community behind them – effective way to interact with like-minded users and it raises awareness about your brand. By using hashtags on your posts – you help other Instagram users – help other Instagram users follow, engage and discover your account.
  • By using targeted hashtags and expanding your brand messaging by promoting your brand hashtag – you can reach new audiences.
  • Hashtags have to be appropriate to your content and fit what you are posting about.


  1. Engage with your followers & other companies:
  • Comment on other user’s post
  • Make your comments interesting so that other people might click on your profile.
  • Genuine comments are comments which others find funny, useful or interesting.
  • Good comments should have personality, inspire others to take action and should be engaging.
  • Identify relevant accounts – share, comment and like their accounts to get involved.
  • Monitor relevant locations, hashtags and keywords
  • Get the word out there about your Instagram page in all/any way


  1. Run a competition or giveaway:
  • This can help grow your audience
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Ask people to follow, like or comment on your posts
  • It’s a fun and easy way to promote your business
  • It’s one of the easiest ways to gain exposure – will aid in getting followers
  • Partner with other business – this will help promote your contest to your audience and theirs
  • By getting Instagram users to tag their friends in the comments – will draw more attention to the content and can cause you to gain more followers


  1. Make use of Instagram Stories:
  • Instagram Stories – 1 in 5 stories result in direct message
  • Create meaningful connections with your audience – they can be fun and versatile
  • This helps build a deeper connection with your client
  • Share behind the scenes
  • Make use of your creative side with all the tools
  • Adobe Spark and Canva can be used for customization of your stories


  1. Turn more visitors into Followers with Instagram Stories Highlights:
  • The look of your Instagram profile is crucial – it is your 1st opportunity to make a great impression and entice people to follow you
  • Instagram Story Highlight acts like a movie trailer – it is a creative way to express yourself, drive traffic, market your business and show off your products or services
  • Stories Highlights is a great way to attract new followers – showcase what you offer, why they should follow you and what your business does
  • Created icons/featured images for your highlights that fit in with your brand look & feel


  1. Share engaging videos & Boomerangs:
  • 65% of all ad impressions on Instagram are made via Video
  • Videos are a powerful tool – they help build trust with followers and reach new audiences
  • Videos are one of the best tools to increase conversation and leads
  • Videos will help boost your engagement rate
  • Use hashtags correctly on videos – this can increase your reach
  • Boomerang is a great way to generate engagement


  1. Go Live on Instagram:
  • Real time interaction strengthens your connection with your audience
  • Showcase your brand values
  • Your goal should never be to sell your service or products
  • Businesses use Instagram Live to tease new products and services
  • Run Q&A’s and tutorials
  • See what is trending on live broadcasts on Explore pages by tapping on Top Live – Top Live videos are trending due to engagement and viewer amounts
  • Top Live section depends on: time of day and location


  1. Consider Instagram Advertising
  • This way you can reach new potential Instagram followers
  • Ads get your content in front of potential new followers who otherwise would not see it
  • Share ad with target audience – base it on demographics, location, age/gender, behaviours, interest and existing connections
  • Advertise in your feed and stories


  1. Learn from Instagram Insights
  • Instagram insights provide information about impressions of each post, top posts, reach and engagement
  • Get demographic info, gender, age and location about followers
  • The insights can help you identify where you can adjust your strategy to gain more followers
  • If you see your followers are not taking action and engaging, you have to try a different approach or strategy with your content


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  2. Excellent write-up! I wish more people would follow the process you laid out.
    I shared this on Facebook and I think my followers will really like it.


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