Copywriting is not just words filling pages – it’s getting under the skin of your target market and saying just the right things to entice them to buy your product or service. As the old saying goes, people don’t buy things, they buy benefits. Working with highly skilled, strategic wordsmiths, we offer a variety of copywriting services that will portray your brand in the best light.

Brand positioning

Before you start putting your message out there – who are you exactly? In today’s cluttered marketing environment, it’s all-important to be clear about how you present yourself to the world. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. This includes your company name, tagline, your brand voice and personality.

We can help you develop your:

  • Value proposition
  • Brand essence
  • Tone of voice
  • Creative concepts & campaigns
  • Blog writing
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Social media writing
  • Scriptwriting for video
  • Digital copywriting
  • Translations
  • Press releases

Value proposition

What is your elevator pitch - what do you offer that no other brand does?

Brand essence

What is the heart and soul of your brand?

Tone of voice

What are your human characteristics/personality? How do you talk when you speak to your customers.
Whether you're a start-up looking to launch a new product or want to refresh the way you speak to the world, we’ll help you say it right, first time.

Creative concepts & campaigns

Need a fresh new advertising campaign for your brand? We will create a concept that can be rolled out across various types of media, from print advertising and radio to billboards and posters.

Blog writing

Adding a blog to your website is a great way of driving traffic to your site, building brand awareness and improving the search ranking of your website. We’ll create well-research blog articles that are a joy to read whilst naturally incorporating relevant keywords and positioning you as an expert in your field.

SEO copywriting

We can create niche SEO-friendly content that’s perfect for whatever your customers are searching for online, from e-books to infographics and how-to guides.

Social media writing

Crafting with your social media content strategy, we can create tone of voice, content pillars and a content plan to make your brand stand out across many social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Scriptwriting for video

Did you know that 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2021? Besides fueling website traffic, video is also one of the best ways to showcase your brand and tell your story. It keeps visitors engaged, which means that they linger longer on your website.
We can help you distill your message into a short, impactful promo film, or embrace an episodic / live video approach with social media video channels such as IGTV and Facebook’s video channel.

Digital copywriting

We have vast experience writing for a variety of online media, from email newsletters and websites to banners, blogs and e-books. We’ll help you plot out your content and create messaging that’s concise and impactful. We have experience in creating site maps, doing site audits, editing existing copy or creating new pages.


Ons is gekonfyt in Afrikaans/Engelse vertalingwerk en kan jou help om jou veldtog te laat sing in Afrikaans. Trust us to convey your message in clear, concise, contemporary Afrikaans, or vice versa.

Press releases

Task us with shaping your story into something newsworthy and impactful.


Do you require copywriting services that will portray your brand in the best light? Then get in touch with us today to request a quote.