Brand Photography

What is brand photography & why is it important?

Your brand is so much more than your logo – it’s every touchpoint of your business, including how you portray your products, services and team through imagery. The right visuals will instantly tell your brand story and are well worth investing in. We’ll help you workshop the perfect content and visual language style guide to bring your photo library to life.

Types of Photography we offer

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Portrait / Team Photography

Customers love to meet the people behind the brand. Introduce your team members by capturing professional (or fun!) photos for the About page on your website as well as for social media pages. Beside headshots, consider group photos, behind-the-scenes and day-in-the-life photos of your team at work. This will help build trust in your brand.
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Business / Brand photography

Showcasing your physical business not only makes it easier for customers to recognise and find you – it also shows a bit of your personality. Before a visit, a customer can form an idea of the services you offer and the atmosphere of your office or shop. They can also see your products styled in a lifestyle format.

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Product Photography

Perfect for use on your online store (website), product catalogues or Facebook Shop, this gives you complete control over how your products should be styled and portrayed. Simply give us a list of all the products you want photographed, deliver or courier it to our photographer and we’ll arrange to take it to a studio or location to be photographed.
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Advertising Campaigns

Build up a library of high quality photos and you’ll never be without inspiration for your advertising campaigns. Whether you need images for social media ad campaigns, website landing pages, monthly themes or competitions, we can recommend a list for each type of campaign.

Our Packages

Package 1: 60-90 minutes (20-40 digital photos)

Package 2: 2 hours (60 digital photos)

Package 3: 3 hours (80-90 digital photos)

Package 4: 4 Hours (120 digital photos)

The amount of hours required depends on the number of products/services and locations, as well as the type of photography you need.

Additional photos from the shoot can be purchased afterwards in packages:
• 1 Photo
• 5 Photos
• 10 Photos
• 20 Photos
• All additional photos (if more than 35 photos)

Prices are applicable to weekday shoots only. Weekend rates available on request.
All prices exclude VAT.

Additional Services

In addition to your photography, we advise all clients to consider these add-on services. We work with trusted suppliers and can arrange the following for you once you’ve booked a shoot:

Planning & Styling (*compulsory)
Working with your marketing team, we will first determine how imagery will complement your brand story. What feeling/emotion are you trying to portray? What are your brand dos and don’ts? What style (e.g. calm vs. vibrant) and type of editing (filters, angles) suit you best? Next, we’ll create a moodboard with your brand look and colours, and compile a list of all the types of photos you require. We’ll present a Pinterest board with photo ideas which we will use as reference on the shoot day.

Personal Shopping (Image Consultant)
Get the perfect look for your photoshoot with the help of an image consultant and personal shopper. We suggest switching things up with 2-3 outfits as well as different footwear options..

Hair & Makeup
Look your absolute best on the day of your shoot with the help of a hair and make-up professional. Now’s the time to splurge on a manicure and pedicure too!

Prop Sourcing
With most photoshoots, you will probably require additional props which will form part of your shoot, which we can source for you. These include: Electronic devices (camera, phone, iPad/tablet, laptop), Stationery (notebook, calendar, pen/pencils/markers), Food & drinks (your favourite snacks or drinks, wine/wine glasses), Accessories, Flowers & vases, Items representative of your business, e.g. keys/contracts/essential Oils/ utensils/ Bike/Scooter, Beach bag/picnic basket, Playful accessories, Hats, Sunglasses/glasses, Balloons/confetti/poppers

Our Process


Request a quote on our Brand Photography packages according to your company needs. Let us help you stand out above the rest.