5 reasons why people are still reading blogs

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5 reasons why people are still reading blogs

5 reasons why people are still reading blogs
We’re often asked if people still read blogs. Perhaps you’ve heard that podcasts or vlogging are the new blogging? While we are all for the exciting world of social media and spreading your communication far and wide, there is never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to marketing. Blogging is alive and well, and here are some reasons why it’s good to have one:


1. It’s the original rabbit hole

When you want to know anything on earth, from how to potty train your puppy to a shortcut for baking powder, there’s one place you turn: the search bar. We live in a research-first economy – in the US, as many as 80% of consumers research something online before they buy it. This means that they are not only reading reviews but also honest, authentic opinions from real people. In other words: blogs. 


2. It’s yours, and only yours

Your blog is an opportunity to own your part of the internet, forever. You can show off your personality, expertise and beliefs. It’s not fleeting like a post on a Facebook wall or an Insta story. It’s a place where someone can really settle in and get to know you, without all the distraction and noise of social media.


3. It complements social media

Social media is short and sweet – a blog is where you can go read more about a topic if you wish. The two go hand in hand. A well-written blog can give you endless snippets of information to repurpose on social media and lead people back to your website.


4. And supports your SEO strategy

Speaking of your website, remember that is why blogs exist in the first place – to drive extra traffic to your online home. Even if you don’t have an e-commerce site, people still use your website to find information, read up about products or decide if it’s your service they want to use. By using the right keywords, blogs can help your business rank well from an SEO standpoint. 


 5. It shows realness

While it’s great to share brand stories and your personal point of view, remember to look a bit further for real ‘warts-and-all’ stories to tell. Recount how a product really changed someone’s life, interview one of your staff members or share the ups and downs of your company and how it got started. People gravitate towards authenticity.


So if you have a blog, how can you make it the very best blog out there? Get in touch with us to help you plan your content strategy and write blogs that will keep readers coming back for more.
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