10 blog formats to try when you run out of ideas

5 reasons why people are still reading blogs
5 reasons why people are still reading blogs
19th October 2019
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10 blog formats to try when you run out of ideas

10 blog formats to try when you are out of ideas
When you run your own business and hardly have enough hours in the day to balance work and family life, never mind your own marketing, it can be tough to know what to write a blog article about.
But as blogging rose to fame over the years, various formats have been proven to keep readers engaged and entertained. For example, writing an article in a list format (listicle) is a popular format. Look, we’re doing it right now! It signals to a reader what is about to follow and gives our brains a bit of a break by digesting long bits of information into a set number of bite-sized pieces. 


Here are a few more formats to try for your brand:
1. The curated post

This type of post requires a bit of online research but basically pulls together lots of useful information in one article. For example, presenting a reader with five ways to ripen an avocado saves them from having to trawl the internet for five solutions. Another example: 5 reasons people are still reading blogs.


2. The Infographic

Humans are visually driven creatures so we love when information is served up in colourful graphics such as an infographic. Work with a designer to display tips, step-by-steps, statistics and more in this visually pleasing format. The bonus is that besides brightening up your blog articles, you can also display an infographic on social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest.


3. The ‘what, why, why not’ post

Telling a reader that you’re about to unveil a ‘secret’ immediately piques their interest. For example, why you have to advertise on Facebook. You can’t read that headline and NOT find out the answer now, can you? You can also play around with ‘what’ – e.g. what every social media manager should know about Snapchat.


4. The how-to or step-by-step post

These types of posts work really well for tutorials or more complicated subjects. Try to give your post a strong hook so that people will be keen to follow all your steps for success, e.g. how to solve a Rubik’s cube in under 60 seconds.


 5. The Q&A post

Why not try an interview-style post for a change? You can post an interview with yourself, a client, a staff member or someone you admire, and write it in a question and answer format.


 6. The FAQ post

You can also try an FAQ format – demystifying commonly asked questions about your product or industry. For example: Answers to your 7 most commonly asked questions about solar power.


 7. The storytelling post

As we explain here, storytelling is a hugely important part of blog writing and social media. A story is a way of turning boring information into something that is engaging; something that really matters to an audience, something that touches on their emotions. It’s the complete opposite of ‘so what’. Instead of writing a straightforward information piece, think of how you can add a bit of intrigue and drama to a piece – or work with a copywriter to get this right.


 8. The fun post

Sometimes, it’s good to keep things fresh with a blog post that is just pure fun. It could be quirky behind-the-scenes photos, stories of when things spectacularly (and hilariously) went wrong, or a collection of DIY hacks NOT to try at home.


 9. The thought leadership post

If you’ve been thinking about a topic for a while and feel that you can contribute a strong point of view, then share that in a well written thought leadership post. In particular at the end or beginning of each year, you can share your trend predictions or ‘best-of’s’ of the year. For example, here are our top 10 marketing predictions for 2019.


 10. The topical post

This is when you write something very newsworthy and current – also called ‘newsjacking’ (hijacking a news story). It puts your product or service top of mind and makes you seem current and in the know.


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